Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be My Valentine

Valentines Day was a lazy day.
This picture is of Hannah in her Valentine's PJ's that her grandmother gave her and the blanket that she made her.

We finally got Hannah to sit down in her chair. I love this picture.
Hann out at my parents house. She was so excited to be there playing with her cousins and Pop Pop. Here she is watching her cousins ride their bikes around.

Hannah loves her Pop Pop. They were watching the cows as they came up to the fence.


Hannah just chilling in her UT baseball cap and her drink. Looking like such a big girl.

I love this picture. It looks like she is thinking "oh yeah, I'm cool".

Dress "up"

It wa sa cold and rainy say and we had to stay inside. So, what does a little girl and her mommy do to keep entertained? Play dress up of course.
This is Hannah in her tutu and riding her horse, like a little princess that she is.
Hananh loves her baby dolls.

Hannah got a pair of Wes' shorts and decided that she needed to put them on. Or try to. Here are a few pictures of her "wearing" his shorts.

Hannah was so proud of herself for putting the shorts on her head. She just laghed and laughed at herself.

Hannah likes to put blankets around her head or shoulders and just walk around the house.

Lunch in the Park

We went to the park to have lunch with Wes. Hannah hasn't eaten her lunch outside before or played in the park really. Hannah loved it. She got to see a lot of people walking by on the patch while she ate lunch, she thought that they were all there to see her and couldn't figure out why they just kept walking and where they were going.
This is Hannah going down the slide "alone". She really like the slide.

Going down the slide with mommy.
Hannah seemed to really like the purple dinasour.

Hannah and daddy after eating lunch.

Not "HO HO HO" Santa

We finally had Hannah's picture taken with "Santa". This is actually Wes' dad. You would think that it wouldn't bother her, she watched him put his Santa costume on. She was freaked out as you can see. This from a child who thinks everyone is her friend and goes up to everyone to "talk" or play with them.

It just breaks my heart to look at her so upset. I have to admit I am glad that I wasn't there for this picture, I don't think we would have gotten any taken.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Twas the Days Before Christmas

This year getting ready for Christmas and all that the festivities was completely different than last year. I say it a lot, but a year ceratinly does make a difference. We spent a lot of the Christmas holiday's with family. Hannah like the tree, loved touching the ornaments that she knew she wasn't supposed to touch and would try fairly often, especially when we had visitors. We did eventually move the ornaments up the tree, out of reach of little hands.

We went to spend some time at my parents house while they had my neices over to bake cookies. We didn't help with the cookies, but Hannah did dress the part like her cousins did. The apron is an apron from some stuffed animal.

I love these p.j.'s, we got them from Wes' cousins who live in Australia. I couldn't wait to put htem on her, we got them during their "Christmas". She was truely "Santa's Helper".
I love this face. I don't know where she learned to make that face, but she has done it since she was real little. It's really cute. Wes said that she has seen me do it, I don't know about that, but this little girl is so adorable and yes, I know she is mine.

We did Christmas with Wes' family a few days before Christmas. She didn't care so much about the actual presents that she received, but LOVED the ribbon. She held onto that ribbon and walked around the room over and over and over again. Tell me again why we spent all that money on the "real" girfts?

Resting after "wrapping" that ribbon aroudn the room.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remembering the Good Old Days

Hannah climbed into this car seat while we were at church. I think she was remanicing of the good old days of when she was in an infant carseat. She grew out of hers so quickly. She stayed in it for a while before climbing back out.

Just chillin' in the seat. Oh those were the days!